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Welcome to Jameela Muslimah Malaysia

"love with fashion with baju muslimah"


Jameela Muslimah is a brand of muslimah label that selling fashionable muslimah wear.  We provided latest design of blouses and jubah (Arabic Dress) as our core product, with the best fabric material and stunning colours.

Jameela itself means “Beautiful’ in Arabic Language.

Customers could be blindsided with pretty blouse muslimah selections from Jameela Muslimah which are loose yet very trendy. Patterns such as cheetah prints, floral and abstracts give you the opportunity to be in love with fashion with baju muslimah.

You do not have to worry as Jameela Muslimah blouses are designed with long sleeves and longer length. It would look beautiful when worn with a pair of jeans or maybe long skirt.

Jameela Muslimah also offers various new designs of jubah dress which you could wear to work or visiting your next neighbour. The flexible and simplicity of jubah muslimah allows you to wear it to any occasions without feeling out of place. The jubah could be matched with a turban style scarf or contrast coloured shawl to enhance your look.

If you are looking for high quality products that come with great prices we surely have them in our store.


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